Battlepod zu Gast beim Bungletech

Dennis / Icke

Ich war Zugast beim Bungletech. Hier der Link zur kompletten Folge:

In this special episode of BattlePod, we join Canadian podcaster Bungletech for an interview series featuring BattleTech podcasters from around the world. You can find the full episode in the podcast description. I am excited to answer Bungletech’s questions.

Firstly, I introduce BattlePod, which has been active since January 7th, 2018, making it one of the oldest and the biggest (being the only one) BattleTech podcast in Germany. Our main focus is to delve into the rich history of BattleTech, a game we truly love. Joining me are three knowledgeable co-hosts who bring their expertise on the game’s history. Together, we explore the timeline, the houses, and the significant events that have shaped the BattleTech universe. We also touch upon related topics such as BattleTech video games and recent licensing issues.

What sets our podcast apart is our dedication to the historical aspect of BattleTech. We cover the timeline in a way that other history-focused podcasts don’t. One of the highlights during our discussions is asking our guests about their favorite Battletech bungle. We had a guest share a humorous translation mistake involving small and large lasers. It was a fun moment for all of us.

We also discuss Kerensky’s decision to leave without rebuilding or establishing a democracy. While it is a controversial topic, we express our opinion that it might have been a mistake. It sparks interesting debates and conversations among us.

Translating Battletech terms in different languages also presents its challenges, which we touch upon during the conversation. It’s fascinating how certain terms may not directly translate, requiring some creativity to convey the meaning accurately.

Moving on to mechs, one of our guests reveals their favorite to be the catapult. They express their love for long-range missiles (LRMs) and find the design appealing. Another guest mentions the Steiner Scout Lance as their second favorite. We plan to dedicate an episode specifically to discussing the various mech variants, where we can dive deeper into their characteristics and unique qualities.

To listen to our podcast, simply search for „BattlePod“ or „DerDickePreuße“ (heavy Prussian), our largest podcast. We appreciate your listenership and look forward to bringing more exciting episodes in the future. Stay tuned!

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